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GuitarioKart shows us what real guitar heroes are made of

Candace Savino

If you've ever hung out with us at Game Night, you probably know that Mario Kart DS is a popular choice among our readers. While we love a round of Mario Kart here and there, we'd probably love it even more if we were able to play it with guitars. And no, we're not talking about Guitar Hero controllers, but real guitars, as seen in the video above. Somehow, these guys have created a mod that let's them control video games (in this case, the original Mario Kart for SNES) by the pitch of their musical instrument. Aside from the fact that the video turns really trippy halfway through with no explanation, it's a pretty cool thing to watch.

Check after the break to see the Mortal Kombat guitar battle, which is slightly more entertaining even if it doesn't involve any fatalities.

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