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Homebrew carts for Motocross Challenge and more

Eric Caoili

Remember Motocross Challenge, that cancelled Excite Bike GBA clone we raved about last April? Developer DHG Games posted a downloadable ROM for the homebrew community to play with, but for those of you who prefer tangible products, RGCD has a limited run of less than a 100 Motocross Challenge cartridges for sale for £7.00 to UK customers (£8.25/$17.00 for worldwide customers). As we made sure to mention several times in our preview, it's a terrific title, and this physical release even has a limited save function included as a bonus.

Several other GBA homebrew carts are available for purchase at RGCD's shop, the latest of which is a Christmas Double Pack containing Santa's Chimney Challenge, Santa's Skidoo Scarper, and a hidden game. While you can find descriptions and ROMs for the titles at developer Ian Jeffray's site, keep in mind that Santa's Skidoo Scarper is meant to be played with your handheld turned sideways. UK residents can pick up this Christmas Double Pack for as low as £5.50, while the rest of the world will have to fork up £6.75 ($13.91).

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