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/silly: Arturis's farewell

Arthur Orneck

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Due to personal reasons I can not and will not discuss here, I will no longer be drawing the weekly /silly comic for WoW Insider. I am thankful to you, the thriving mass of WoW Insider readers, for taking the time to view my strip for the past 11 weeks. To those that commented with support and praise, I offer an even larger helping of the Thank You pie. You are the reason I stayed up those late Monday nights, forcing myself to draw out the twisted images in my head in order to share them with the world. I sought your approval, and I received it in spades.

Will there be a future for /silly, after I am gone? That is up to the higher-ups at WoW Insider to decide. If they do replace me and continue on with the series, I hope you all will show the new artist the respect and support that you gave to me. And I hope that the comics will make me laugh as much as mine made you.

As for my future, do not worry. I have more passion for gaming than most people you will ever meet, burning deep within my soul like a warlock DoT that will never expire; like the Light that drives a paladin to battle against overwhelming odds. I will find another way to be a part of the industry that I love, and with a little luck, you will see the name Arturis again.

Arthur E. "Arturis" Orneck

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