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TTH guides you through the Deeds of Evendim

Samuel Axon

Ten Ton Hammer's series of Deed guides for The Lord of the Rings Online continues with a guide to the Deeds of Evendim. Their guides to the North Downs, Ered Luin, and Angmar were all great, and this one's just as helpful.

Titles you can earn in Evendim include Slayer of the Gauredain, Enemy of the Giants, Bane of the Kergrim, Keeper of Mysteries, and more. Of course you can get all sorts of helpful traits as well.

Evendim was added to LotRO's world in Book 9 and is home to Annuminas, the former capitol of Arnor (the western sister to Gondor). Now it's populated by all sorts of unpleasant northern terrors such as the Gauredain.

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