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A Simple addition to the zombie rail-shooting genre


Most Simple series games betray their low-budgetness in fairly obvious ways: crap graphics and either boring (mah-jongg) or insane premises. They also tend to be direct copies of other more popular games. Simple DS Vol. 32 THE Zombie Panic looks like pretty much the same concept as Touch the Dead, which is, uh, pretty much the same concept as The House of the Dead -- "shoot at some zombies."

But where THE Zombie Panic diverges from its DS contemporary is that, well, it's got a sword in it. That's, like, a paradigm shift for zombie-shooting games. We'll take the dual-wielding as well.

There's something suspicious about a fully-3D first-person game like this being made for the Simple series. We suspect that Dream Factory was originally doing this for another publisher who canned the project.

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