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No More Modesty in advertising


No More Heroes is out on the 6th in Japan, and Grasshopper Manufacture and publisher Marvelous have stepped up the release of media. Accordingly, videos released through the official No More Heroes website are now generally longer, and are coming out every day. We've embedded one at the top of the post; the other new ones at the website are pretty bloody and thus less appropriate for public display. We know that some of you were upset about the lack of blood in previous videos -- you will be pacified as henchman after henchman explodes into a fine red mist. The video update also shows that Travis can find and wear new outfits, much to the consternation of cosplayers.

After the break, we'll have a look at a provocative magazine ad for the game that, were we a British publication, would no doubt elicit a "Phwoar!"

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This ad found in Famitsu by a NeoGAFfer is light on the clothing and heavy on the innuendo. As Sylvia Christel tans poutily in a Flower, Sun, and Rain bikini bottom, our hero Travis suddenly feels compelled to, uh, charge his Beam Katana. It's hilarious, but at the same time, leaves us feeling vaguely uncomfortable. Oh, and speaking of hilarious attempts at titillation, there's a new model on the PLAYSYLVIA cosplay site.

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