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Age of Conan: 10,000 beta invites sent out so far

Matt Warner

Funcom is not only proud of the fact that Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures will feature adult shenanigans such as "titties" (Male or female? Clearly a case for Veronica Mars), but they are boasting via a press release that the recent batch of invites put them over the 10,000 mark in total beta invites sent out.

Funcom wants attention, and I'm falling for it! But if I were to jab them over something it would be about the specifics: How many players out of 10,000 are still playing? What's the average time those players spend playing the beta? etc. Yea, I doubt Funcom would disclose those numbers... Anyhow, I checked my entire array of inboxes again, and not one AoC beta invite was found. Mark my words Funcom, I will remember this tragedy. Maybe your luck is better than mine, be sure to thoroughly check your inboxes as I'm sure some invites are being crushed by the anti-spambot crusaders.

I think Richard Garriot would wonder what in the hell Funcom is smoking by giving out so many beta invites almost four months before the game is due to launch on or about March 25th, 2008. On the other hand, I relish in all this beta madness; even if I do agree with some of Garriot's points in regards to Tabula Rasa's beta. Learn to develop? Don't hate. We love Tabula Rasa. errr.. Well some writers at Massively do. (Note: I am going to give TR another chance eventually -- it's in the bargain bin.) Woot?

With so much content flooding the front pages here at Massively it's quite possible you didn't gander the new Age of Conan trailer. Here's a spoiler: Heads roll in splendorous Hyborian glory. It's hard to keep up with all the decapitations, so, if you made it this far check out the Age of Conan categorical goodness, and tell us how we need more AoC coverage in the comments. So, did you get lucky? Sign up for the AoC beta here before the next batch gets sent out.

[via, TenTonHammer]
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