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Gerstmann-gate: the aftermath

Ross Miller

After over a week of trickling news, a flood of anonymous sources and a torrential downpour of speculation, it seems the controversy surrounding former GameSpot editor Jeff Gerstmann's unceremonious firing is finally coming to a cool. This week's GameDaily Media Coverage feature takes a look back on the events and ramifications of Gerstmann-gate, written by Joystiq's own Kyle Orland (who, as you may have noticed, extensively covered the situation for us).

Though the final word is that GameSpot did not bow to advertiser pressure, even if true, a plethora of circumstances gave the illusion of malfeasance, ultimately damaging the website's credibility for those who paid attention to the week's events. The issue does bring up a good question: is the illusion of keeping advertising separate from editorial just as important, if not more so, than its reality?

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