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Lionsgate, Sony readying BD-Live-enabled flicks for January

Darren Murph

Nah, BD-Live isn't even close to where it should be, but hopefully the impending stream of BD-Live-enabled films will push the hardware vendors to get with the program. Apparently, both Lionsgate and Sony are readying web-enabled titles for January, even though "hardware that can fully playback BD-Live interactivity has not yet been confirmed." War and Saw IV should both be hitting shelves before February dawns, and while Miguel Casillas didn't elaborate on the former's interactivity, he did note that Saw IV would enable users to "share content through their Blu-ray players' web connections." Furthermore, Sony executive VP of advanced technologies Don Eklund proclaimed that internet-enabled features would "represent a major theme in the studio's 2008 Blu-ray slate." Of course, we're not going to get too riled up until we see this stuff in action, but hopefully a lot more details will be spilled at CES.

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