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Moxi opens doors for hardware, software beta testers

Darren Murph

Did Zatz's hands-on approach with Moxi's forthcoming Home Cinema HD DMR leave you thirsty for more? Willing to take one into your own home for awhile? Believe it or not, Moxi is actually recruiting hardware beta testers to pore over the high-end Home Cinema HD Digital Media Recorder, which means that you'll actually get one of the units in your house to try out if you're selected. If that's not really your bag, you can also apply for access to its (software-based) Moxi TV for PC beta, which only works on Windows XP and specific tuner cards at the moment. Granted, you'll be expected to devote a minimum of two hours per week to testing and provide "on-going feedback" to the outfit, but what else were you planning on doing over the holiday break? Hit the links below to get your name in the hat.

[Via ZatzNotFunny]
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