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Rumor: Nintendo orders seizure of rival DS Flash cards


By now, regular readers will be familiar with DSVision, a new service that will offer Japanese DS owners downloadable media from next March, and which is fully licensed by Nintendo. The only problem? We've heard absolutely zilch about a release outside Japan.

But there is hope, friends! An anonymous tipster has informed MaxConsole that French law enforcement agencies have begun confiscating Datel's DS flash card range, devices which perform very similar functions to those offered by DSVision. According to the mole, the operation to seize the cards came after a tip-off from Nintendo, which complained that the Datel cards were illegal, as they contained copyrighted code. MaxConsole reckons there could be more to the story, however, and speculates that Nintendo is clearing the way for its own range of multimedia peripherals.

We'll happily admit that this is all pretty damn speculative -- hence the "rumor" label -- but we've still got every last one of our fingers and toes crossed extra tight. Although users of certain naughty devices have been able to download and view video on their DSes for some time now, the quality is typically quite low (or so we hear, officer).

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