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Rumorang: Updated 'Dreamcast' trademark spurs Dreamcast 2 speculation


The internet has been all a-titter recently over the rumor that Sega might be getting back into the console manufacturing business. The source of this rumor is an updated trademark application for "Dreamcast," which overlaps with the current trademark filing for the title, set to expire in December 2009.

At best, this rumor is a stretch. Renewing trademarks is a common practice for companies, and any overlap between previous filings and updates can be attributed to the indeterminable amount of time between filing and proper registration of those trademarks.

To either confirm or deny the speculation, GameDaily contacted Sega for an official response, and while PR rep Charlie Scibetta was unsure of why the trademark was updated, he did state that Sega has no intentions of re-entering the console business. According to Scibetta, Sega's quite content with their current platform-agnostic status, and it would be unwise to shift their business strategy during a period of "outstanding growth." Sadly, it seems like this rumor might be little more than smoke and mirrors. Of course, we're always happy to be proven wrong.

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