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Server transfers bedevil hopeful Season 2 contenders

Matthew Rossi

Players who transfered servers after earning their Season 2 titles are reporting that those titles vanished after a hotfix: Blizzard poster Pavonum responds that some folks who transfer might lose their arena titles.

This mechanic is currently being examined in greater detail, so that further determination may be made as to whether its current functionality is in line with the design as envisioned by the appropriate developers; we regret to inform you, however, that any titles lost as a result of this mechanic are unable to be reinstated or reimbursed by the Game Master Department. Please accept our most sincere apologies, however, for any frustration or inconvenience this matter may have caused, and await word on any potential changes in the status of this functionality.

He later goes on to say that they're looking into claims that titles were lost not after transfer... the titles transfered intact, it seems... but rather after emergency maintenance. Have any of you transfered a character and lost an arena title recently? If the loss is just part of the risk one assumes when transfering that's one thing, but it would seem odd and easily correctable if the loss of a title came well after a transfer due to a glitch in maintenance, but I'm hardly an expert in the oddities of server transfer.

Thanks to Jagoex for the tip.

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