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LittleBigPlanet demo not coming this year

As the year winds to a close, the staff at Joystiq has been discussing what's actually missing from 2007. Not delayed or canceled, mind you, but missing. Topping that list* was the demo for PS3 future-hit LittleBigPlanet, which was "slated" to appear on the PlayStation Network "this fall."

Just days after the debut of an adorable, pirate-themed trailer – the memories of which are sure to manifest themselves as violent pangs of desire – MTV's Stephen Totilo cornered Sony and demanded answers! A spokesperson for SCEA told the vaguely menacing Totilo, "I can officially confirm that there won't be a demo this year." While we can't say we're surprised at the news (seriously, Fall's days are numbered), the finality of the official statement pretty much punches our secret wish for a holiday surprise right in its jolly gut.

*(Also missing: PC Live Arcade ... hrmm).

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