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Guildwatch: Worth every wipe

Mike Schramm

Week after week, you crash your head up against the wall on a certain boss. It takes time for people to show up for raids, and it takes even more time for people to release, come back, and rez after a wipe. Repair bills go up, raid attendance goes down, tempers flare, guild chat becomes awkward, and GMotD's get harsher and harsher. And then, one day, it all fits. That pull goes perfectly, everyone hits their marks ahead of time, and before long, you're looking at a dead boss and a window full of loot. "Worth every wipe"? It doesn't seem like it some times, but it is.

This week's GW starts right after the jump. Be sure to send your downed, drama, and recruiting tips to!


  • More lowbie alt complaining. Aansorak, level 10, really seems to hate The Departed on Whisperwind, but the real fight here is between Kilabyte and Exicecleese-- Ex is the current GM of The Departed (and he's the one that huge quoted flame to Kila on page 2-- it got deleted), and Kila is apparently a former officer. At any rate, we hear the Whisperwind folks really love all the flaming-- it keeps their forums nice and toasty.
  • More drama from Greatly Exaggerated on Hydraxis (quickly becoming a fixture here on GW)-- a tipster from GE says that Kalimdor's Legion apparently put an asterisk on Hydraxis' WoW Wiki progression page, claiming that GE's progression didn't count since they transferred to the server, while most other guilds, including KL, started on it. GE wants none of that-- they don't care if KL raids with 6 or 60 people-- progression is progression. Apparently a WoWWiki administrator agreed, and not only fixed the asterisk, but also changed the graffiti on their guild page (check out the second sentence in "overview", and a few other instances of vandalism on the page).
  • Death by Blizzkrieg joined up with Explicit Content, both on Llane, and downed... Silvermoon. They charged north of ZA, tearing up everything in their path, and spent an hour rampaging through town, eventually getting shut down by the Grand Magister. Looks like fun.
  • "When guildleaders fall apart," next on Fox. I especially like the part about everyone in Ominous being "jealous of his relationship with Corsadie." That's what happens when you're a GL with a girlfriend-- everyone gets jealous of you.
  • Drama on Burning Legion-- we're told that Eminence, the server's highest Alliance raiding guild, has nabbed raid IDs from both Sunburn and Mjolnir, after frustrated guildies from both guilds brought their IDs over to Eminence. The good news is that apparently this is old news-- the GLs of all guilds involved have made up. Aww, that's nice.
  • Guild Ninja Alert: Someone named Dermaphoria apparently got invited with officer privileges into Glory and Beer on Kel'thuzad-A, claiming he was the alt of an officer. He wasn't, though, and instead cleaned out their guild bank and AH'd all the items. Yeeouch. The lesson here: always have an "Alt" rank, even for officer alts.
  • TnA on Bonechewer-A cleared Zul'Aman for the first time last week, and then cleared it all out in one night. Hot! They're also recruiting raiders to go after Gruul and Mag to get ready for SSC.
  • The Dark Legacy on Tanaris-H deep tasty fried the Lurker Below. Nice! And the main healers both died twice during the fight, we hear. That's the kind of sacrifices that have to be made out there, people.
  • Reforged of Runetotem has downed both Rage Winterchill and Anatheron in Hyjal. Rage they finished off pretty easily, but Anatheron was a fun kill-- they went in with only 5 healers and just barely pulled it out. Later in the week, they also took out Kaz'rogal, and also Najentus and Supremus.
  • FortyTwo of Whisperwind is the answer to the end of Magtheridon's life, the universe, and everything-- they downed him. They also finished off Loot Reaver and Hydross. Al'ar is on notice!
  • Wisdom Within on Lightbringer-A downed Gruul. The Lair, they say, is on farm, and SSC is next. They also say "w00t!" and did you know that's the word of the year?
  • Sin on Draka-H showed Gruul the old what-for (that means they downed him), and not only was the person who got the Tier 4 piece the guildleader and the raidleader, but he rolled 100 too! Nightbane, you're on notice.
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A has BBQ'd Al'ar in his own flamey juices. They also took out Solarian for dessert. Tasty.
  • Singularities on EU Dentarg is rolling right along just like a tumbleweed-- they dropped Vashj, and are now the third best Alliance guild on the server.
  • The Exodus on Tanaris also dropped Vashj for a server first. Nice job y'all.
  • Circle of Blame on Stormrage-H dropped both Al'ar and Leotheras. Tidewalker, put on your booties, because you're next.
  • Fellow Sophisticates on Hydraxis-A have been stuck for a while (their emphasis, not mine) on Netherspite, but they finally downed him. They also dropped Prince. Rock on.
  • Ascension on Blackwater Raiders-H are on a roll-- in the past few weeks, they've downed Solarian, Karathress, Hydross, and Leo, leaving just Kael'thas and Vashj to cower in the corner. For the Horde!
  • C H A O S on Lightning's Blade have only been together 4 days, but they've already cleared Kara and downed Gruul. Woot!
  • Argus Imperious on Zangarmarsh-A downed The Lurker Below. They are also still looking for warlocks and priests of any spec.
  • Darksun Angel Cult on EU Darkspear has been having trouble with Maiden the past few raids, but after lots of trouble, and a little bickering, they got her down, and much rejoicing was heard. Their new motto: "worth every wipe." I like it.
  • Relentless on The Scryers downed Nalorakk this week-- Akil'zon has been legally declared "on notice." Better start updating that will, buddy.
  • Torn Empire on Durotan was worried that they wouldn't progress this week, but they were wrong. The magic compelled Solarian to fall beneath their feet. Grats!
  • We haven't had a good RP-recruiting notice in a while, so here's one: Afterlight Vanguard on Moon Guard-H is seeking Kalimdorean roleplayers (that's Orcs, Trolls, and Tauren, because their continent is called Kalimdor) to aid them in their goal of peace. A Horde guild aiming for peace? That's unpossible!
  • Blue Man Guild (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award!) on Garona-A is currently recruiting all Draenei.... err, members of all races. They're a new guild that just started and is going to focus on leveling and having a good time. Sounds fun!
  • Kingdom Knights on EU Draenor-A is a casual raiding guild, and despite some drama setbacks in the past, they are progressing along nicely-- they've cleared Karazhan, stepped into ZA, and even downed Gruul. They're filling out their 10 man ranks, and headed towards 25 man content-- look them up if you want to come with.
  • Rise of Vengeance on Moon Guard-H is recruiting all classes level 58+ to group up for raiding and instances.
  • Kinship of Azeroth is a guild all about friends and fun that is recruiting both veterans and players who've just started on Area 52. "Honor," they say, "Friendship, Loyalty: Kinship of Azeroth." Aww, it's just like a campaign commercial.
  • Brotherhood of Ronin on Dalvengyr-A are still looking for healers and shadow priests. Go! Join them!
That's it for this week's GW. Please send us your tips at this column rides on your input, so if you see some great drama or have a triumphant downing to share, please do. Until next week, happy raiding!

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