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PSP gets DVR and internet radio with new Japanese firmware

Justin McElroy

With the sexy new revision and lots of solid titles, the PSP has become more and more desirable as of late. But believe us when we tell you it's peanuts compared to how useful the thing has become in Japan, where only the lack of a blond mullet keeps it from being the MacGyver of consumer electronics. Adding insult to injury, it's getting even cooler in Japan with firmware version 3.80, which will add TV program recording and internet radio features to the device.

While we're hopeful internet radio could be rolled out across the globe, don't even think about adding DVR functionality to your PSP, as we still lack the 1seg technology here that makes the whole thing go. Oh well, at least you can (fingers crossed) look forward to the internet radio feature. Check out some images of it in action right here.

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