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Warhawk expansion Omega Dawn gets price and date

Justin McElroy

When relatives come to visit for the holidays, it's helpful to have excuses to get yourself out of family activities like tree trimmings or interventions. For example, Eurogamer tells us that on Dec. 20, you'll be able to say "Sorry, Grandma, I can't go to the nickelodeon to watch the new Buster Keaton picture with you, as I just spent my last $7.99 buying the new Warhawk expansion, Omega Dawn."

As she stares at you quizzically, you can explain how the pack adds five new night-time maps and even a new vehicle, the KT-424 Combat Dropship, capable of carrying a pilot and seven soldiers. As you explain the pack in detail, she'll drift off to sleep with visions of a young Robert Loggia dancing in her head, and you'll be free to get back to the important business of insulating yourself from loved ones.

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