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Teach someone to order fish online and they'll never go hungry again


Lisa Poisso of our sister site WoW Insider brings us news of one man's innovative World of Warcraft business idea: fish farming! For a fee, player Koobluh will sell high-level fish dishes to those on the Dethecus server. Now, before you get roused to start your gold farming rant, be it known that Koobluh, a one-man company at present, only works for in-game gold, and freely shares his methods with visitors to his site, Elite Fish Vendor.

However, EFV has been given a warning by Blizzard for violating the non-harassment policy for advertising, by claiming his site is 'non-WoW related'. <sarcasm>Right, because these cooked fish products will come in handy in Tabula Rasa.</sarcasm> Koobluh has gotten no further note from Blizzard, but has taken the preemptive tack of taking down an EVE Online advertisement he had running on his website, just in case that was the reason Blizzard sent the warning.

If you're in support of Elite Fish Vendor (which is going to be my next cover band name, I swear it), there are 2 forum threads for you to participate in. Good luck, Koobluh. Maybe someday I'll be wealthy enough to actually afford the Savory Deviate Delight!

[Thanks, Lisa!]

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