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TenBox storage device looks cute with your DirecTV HR20 / 21

Darren Murph

If you aren't rocking any kind of upgraded / external storage alongside your primary DVR, you just aren't with the times, man. Thankfully for those relying heavily on a DirecTV HR20 / 21, you can finally grab hold of a storage solution that doesn't destroy the aesthetics of your overall setup. Granted, any DVR that accepts eSATA expansion will play nice with the TenBox family, but it's fairly evident which boxes these things were designed to sit atop. The trio of models differ from typical external storage solutions by utilizing three ultra-quiet fans to keep noise to a minimum, and while it certainly looks more at home in your AV cabinet than propped up beside your PC, it'll function just fine as a backup HDD should you need it to. TenBox is offering up the device with 1TB (TB1000), 1.5TB (TB1500) and 2TB (TB2000) of storage, but considering the $1,199, $1,499 and $1,999 price tags, we sure hope you weren't counting on a bargain.

[Via TV Squad]

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