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Microsoft's Xbox 360 HD DVD player: 269000 sold

Darren Murph

We're betting we weren't the only ones curious to know how many Xbox 360 HD DVD players were included in the 750,000 number we saw thrown out late last month, and while 269,000 may sound massive at first, it's really not all that surprising. If you'll recall, Microsoft managed to move 92,000 of these things last holiday season, and considering its perpetually lower price (comparatively speaking), it's been a fairly attractive option for Xbox 360 owners looking to get into the HD DVD game. According to new sales figures outed by NPD Group, over one-third of the HD DVD standalone player market is made up of the aforementioned units, and the attach rate to the 360 install base sits at 3.4-percent. 'Course, if the price of this thing keeps a-droppin', we could easily see that percentage climb higher once the dust settles from the end-of-year buying frenzy.

[Via High-Def Digest]

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