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Legends of Norrath expac Forsworn goes live today -- exclusive art at Massively

William Dobson

Forsworn, the first expansion to the popular Legends of Norrath trading card game, goes live today. It includes 235 new cards, and 40 loot cards that can be used in EverQuest and EverQuest II to redeem in-game items. Some of the other features that are being introduced to LoN in Forsworn are 2-on-2 multiplayer, raid encounters for groups of players, new single-player scenarios, and the choice to have High Elves and Iksars as avatar races.

We've been given some exclusive card art from the new expansion cards to show off, so be sure to check out the gallery, and after the break there's more information on Forsworn, including details on a competition that will win you some expac cards.


There has been a lot to cover for LoN in the past weeks. Apart from the many tournaments that have happened, we reported on the initial announcement of the expansion, and we've had a look at the loot cards that it brings. Now that the expansion is out, we can have a look at some of the features that are being added in a little more detail.

The introduction of the 2-on-2 will bring a whole new dynamic to the game, allowing friends to team up against other duos. Then, for a real gameplay shakeup, the raid encounters will pit one enemy character with a super-powered AI deck against a larger group of players. After finishing the single player content, you will be able to actually take control of one of these decks and have a raid group play against you. On the topic of single player, there will be ten new scenarios in Forsworn that flesh out the story of your Oathbound character.

A couple of new keyword unit abilities have been added, including Sentinel, a +2 defense boost, Reinforce, which allows units to jump between quests to help out other units, and Overwhelm, which will create an additional level token if you have the most units in the quest that you use the ability at. Here is a list of some of the other features in Forsworn, and be sure to visit the Features page to get all of the expansion specifics:

Explore More of Norrath:

  • New Unit Types – Forsworn introduces Frogloks, Goblins, Dark Elves, and Wood Elves.
  • New Legends – Lady Vox, Antonia Bayle, and more!
Fun New Toys for Each Archetype:
  • Fighters – A focus on Paladins, including a mighty Holy Steed mount.
  • Mages – Introduces new Necromancer abilities, tactics, and pets.
  • Priests – A solid assortment of Nature cards for Druids and Shamans.
  • Scouts – A focus on Rangers with a brand-new archery mechanic
To celebrate the release of Forsworn, there will be special tournaments over the weekend that guarantee you some expansion cards for your 20 Event Pass entry fee. It is a sealed deck tournament, and players will be given 1 Forsworn starter deck and 3 booster packs to make their deck out of. Every entrant will receive the exclusive promotional Runnyeye Warmonger card, and between 2 and 12 booster packs depending on how well they do in the tournament. For the full details on this event, check out the tournament page.

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