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NY gov. Spitzer cites hoax site in anti-games campaign


New York Governor Eliot Spitzer recently presented a slide show in his ongoing campaign against video games which contained a heavy dose of sensationalism and just a dash of inaccuracy. Created by the New York Department of Criminal Justice, the 20-minute presentation called "Video Games and Children: Virtual Playground vs. Danger Zone" appears to be an ultimately flawed piece meant to warn parents about violent video games.

Originally reported by the Staten Island Advance, GamePolitics breaks down the slide show piece by piece. GP says that the non-commercial V-Tech Rampage -- actually created by an Australian -- gets prominent mention; the presentation also includes a sensationalist clip from Australian television of a teenage World of Warcraft addict. Neither example serve to assist parents in making game purchasing decisions for children based on ratings. There are many more issues with the presentation, but it culminates with a resource page listing Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence -- only problem is that MAVAV is a hoax site created by a student from a New York City school. So take heart, governor, video games can't be all bad. They're at least making kids smart enough to fool politicians.

[Via GamePolitics]

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