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XBLA gets a broken Sensible Soccer & Tempest [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: It's sounding like an incorrect build of Sensible Soccer was placed on the Marketplace. Oops!

It's Wednesday and it's time for some new Xbox Live Arcade releases. Today, both Tempest and Sensible World of Soccer are available for 400 and 800 Microsoft points respectively. Actually, Tempest is only available right now ... Sensible Soccer not so much. You see, as soon as Sensible Soccer hit the XBLA this morning downloaders noticed a major problem. Supposedly, there's a bug in the game that signs users out of Xbox Live everytime it loads. So, the Xbox Live gods pulled Sensible Soccer from the Arcade until a fix can be deployed and now everyone is sad. It's not like Codemasters didn't have plenty of time to test. They should have spotted this major flaw during the four months the game was delayed. Why Codemasters, why must you constantly tease us with Sensible Soccer only to let us down again? We'll keep you updated on all the Sensible Soccer drama, but until then ... just download Tempest.

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