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Blizzard won't support 'legit' RMT service

Michael Zenke

The Next Generation site has commentary from individuals at Blizzard Entertainment, reacting to the announcement of the Live Gamer service. The company is standing firm on its current terms of use for World of Warcraft, flatly denying the possibility that it will work with the service to allow the purchase of Azeroth's in-game currency.

"The game's Terms of Use clearly states that all World of Warcraft content is the property of Blizzard Entertainment, and Blizzard does not allow 'in-game' items to be sold for real money. Not only do we believe that doing so would be illegal, but it also has the potential to damage the game economy and overall experience for the many thousands of others who play World of Warcraft for fun ... While we can understand the temptation to purchase items for real money, we feel that players can find ample equipment and money for their characters within the game through their own adventuring and questing."

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