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Sunwell boss already in game files

Dan O'Halloran

Earlier today we reported on Swedish magazine Level's exclusive on new Patch 2.4 details. One of the revelations was that the 25-man dungeon, Sunwell Plateau, has a boss named Brutalicus, a pit lord who has lost his wings. MMO-Champion found the game model and has posted it for all to see.

That's one ugly dude. And the spiked codpiece pulled half way up his chest like grandpa belting his pants too high isn't helping. Oh well, we're not taking him out to dinner, we're shaking him hard until phat loots drop out, right?

You can see more angles of this Patch 2.4 raid target in the gallery below.

Gallery: Patch 2.4 Sunwell Isle | 8 Photos

EDIT: Gallery is acting wonky. Bear with us.

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