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Wii looks like it isn't the violence-inciting gift of the holiday season


We're always happy to hear about someone getting in on the Wii experience for the first time. New adopters who might have been turned away from gaming at one point in the past or are in on the activity for the first time warm our heart, because it shows the impressive power of the console. But, what was that we said about hunting one down?

Columnist Mark Morford works for the the San Francisco Gate and recently did something he's never done before: got up at the crack of dawn to track down a Wii. He got in line at his local Best Buy to get a system and, sure enough, he got one. It wasn't just for him, but for his little sister. Such a selfless act can only make us appreciate the fellow more.

What was great about this particular story is that despite it being so close to Christmas, and the Wii's unavailability still, the line was full of friendly and calm people. There wasn't any of the crazy Black Friday stampeding or selfish shoving in line, but people who had come to experience something wonderful. Playing is believing, sure, but these stories make us believe in something else: humanity.

Have any of your experiences in hunting down a Wii been different?

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