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Mainnav readies MG-950D data logger

Darren Murph

There's not a whole lot out there on this one just yet, but apparently, Mainnav is getting set to unveil the MG-910D's successor -- at least, that's what we gather from the "available soon" icon beside it on the firm's website. Nevertheless, we do know that it will sport a SiRFstarIII GPS chipset, a display that shows speed, altitude and latitude, bike mounting hardware and a weatherproof enclosure. Additionally, we're told that it can store up to 120,000 waypoints at once and can interface with Windows-based software (presumably for Google Earth viewing). We're not quite sure if this one sports Bluetooth, but considering the current MG-910D does, we'll be banking on the feature carrying over. Look for more info early next month once CES rolls around.

[Via NaviGadget]

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