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MobileScrobbler hits milestone updates


Scott hasn't found any reason to jailbreak his iPhone yet, but one of the jailbreak apps that readers suggested would make it worth it was MobileScrobbler, and now Sam Steele has dropped us a note that he's updated the iPhone's client to a 1.2.0 release. There are a number of neat features, not least of which is the ability to stream radio content over EDGE or Wifi ("Wifi strongly recommended," sez Sam). The app will also scrobble tracks as you listen, allow you to tag songs as "love" or "ban" (everything is cached, and then uploaded when a connection returns), and view upcoming events and add them to your calendar. And he's even pulling in lyrics from LyricWiki-- I don't know if that's a MobileScrobbler thing or a thing, but it's great.

Pretty amazing. MobileScrobbler can be obtained through, and a look at the changelog tells you just how fast Sam is updating it to keep up with all the tickets (the app is free, but he's accepting donations if you do think it's worth jailbreaking your iPhone for). Software like this is terrific-- here's hoping that when Apple does release an SDK, they make sure that dedicated developers like Sam can do this stuff officially.

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