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Beware of the leopard! [Updated]

Tateru Nino

Massively readers with a love of the Leopard - specifically MacOSX, are cautioned that the latest Leopard build breaks all available Second Life viewers, according to Macenstein. That's build Leopard 10.5.2 -- 10.5.1 works just fine. The application fails just around the point that it's finalizing region connections and preparing to render.

If you've already installed 10.5.2, your only hope would seem to be to either wait for another build or reinstall back to 10.5.1. Ouch. Apple and Second Life don't seem to be having a great time together just lately.

If you're a regular Second Life users who uses MacOSX, absolutely stay away from the 10.5.2 Leopard build!

[Updated] Please note that 10.5.2 is currently in beta. This may be fixed by the time it goes live. We'll be certain to keep our eye on this issue and let you know how things are shaping up as it gets closer to release.

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