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Scott McNulty

I love Flickr, Yahoo's photo sharing site, and I find myself posting every picture I take on it. Today I decided to whip up a blog post (for my personal blog) highlighting my favorite pictures of the year in my Flickrstream. I first tried looking over my pictures on Flickr itself, but it soon became clear that a desktop client would make this task much more pleasant.

Enter FlickrFinder, which isn't even a 1.0 piece of software but this clever little app shows lots of promise. Basically, FlickrFinder lets you access Flickr from your desktop using an interface that is the spitting image of the Finder (if you hate the Finder you won't find much to like about FlickrFinder). You can look at pictures based on tags, in groups, or by contacts amongst other criteria.

FlickrFinder isn't fully baked yet, but given its price (free) it is well worth a look. I wonder how development on Exposure is coming along...

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