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ZTE heads south from Canada, supplies phones to MetroPCS

Chris Ziegler

Handsets from China's ZTE are nothing new to Canada; in fact, the ZTE-sourced D90 clamshell offered by Telus is a FasTap phone, of all things. We've yet to see any ZTE kit officially released in the US, though, and MetroPCS is about to get things started. The manufacturer has announced that regional carrier MetroPCS will begin offering ZTE equipment designed specifically for the US market starting next month (which we suspect won't be as cool as the WiMax ones being prepared for Sprint) without giving any details about the actual handsets or their specifications. Given nifty MetroPCS devices like the Samsung r410, we think they'd better step up -- another FasTap model, perhaps?

[Via Phone Scoop and RCR]

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