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Ron Paul advocates plan in-game WoW rally

As campaigning for the presidential primaries reaches critical mass, America's political eye will be sharply focused on a number of locations during the upcoming months -- places like Iowa, Washington, D.C., and ... Azeroth? Yes, the fanatical internet following of Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has spread its influence into the digital realm of World of Warcraft, and is currently planning a pro-Paul march from Ironforge to Stormwind on the Whisperwind server.

Most of us will be too busy attending the "Orcs for Obama" and "Rogues for Romney" rallies to make an appearance, but if you want to show your support for the Republican underdog, and you don't have better plans for the night of January 1, then roll on in to Ironforge astride your Great Red Elekk and join in the festivities.

(Via WoW Insider)

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