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Now that the Wii's been hacked, what's next?

Candace Savino

Remember those dudes that hacked the Wii? Brushing, the guy who presented the exploit at 24C3, was recently interviewed about his future plans for the system. The natural first step, according to him, is to implement a version of SDLoad for the Wii. Then, once that's out of the way, he would like to see a Linux Channel for the console. Still, Brushing notes that it will probably take a while before he and the groups he worked with are able to reach these goals.

Also, if you're worried about this development opening the floodgates for piracy on the Wii, don't be. Brushing seems hesitant, at least for the time being, to release the hacked information and keys to the public.

To read the full interview with the author of the Wii exploit, go here.

[Thanks, Craig!]

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