A further sprinkling of non-dojo Brawl details

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|01.05.08

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Chris Greenhough
January 5th, 2008
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A further sprinkling of non-dojo Brawl details

The dojo may be on a well-earned hiatus, but we're still getting various snippets of Brawl news and impressions from the Jump Festa show in Tokyo. Thanks, Jump Festa!

The latest selection of tidbits has been rounded up by the folks at Brawl Central for lazy types like us, and deals with all sorts of Brawl minutiae, from Kirby's Final Smash (which we learn deals 35% damage) to more on Rosalina's Assist Trophy appearance (apparently, she distributes health-boosting star pieces over the arena) to Snake's land mines (which are controlled remotely, rather than exploding whenever a foe comes into close proximity).

The purpose of the mysterious Clock item is also revealed -- it reportedly slows your opponents -- and we learn about a new Assist Trophy, a Pegasus Knight from the Fire Emblem games. Rad! There's a few more minor details, so hit the link below for the full list.

[Via Go Nintendo]
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