Intel CES announcement: Penryn in the wild

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Michael Rose
January 8th, 2008
Intel CES announcement: Penryn in the wild
Since the Mac Pros announced earlier today are using the "Harpertown" desktop version of the chip, it should be no surprise that Intel's Penryn family of processors are shipping and in use, as announced at CES yesterday. The full suite of chips includes 16 devices, including four for server use, seven desktop parts and five for mobile devices or laptops.

With premium laptop vendors Sony, Lenovo & Toshiba announcing products built around the new Core 2 Duo parts, it would be downright shocking if next week's Stevenote did not feature at least one Apple portable sporting the new and improved 45nm processors. With the desktop and server bumps out of the way a week ahead of time (and who can remember the last time that happened?) the way is clear for plenty of excitement a week from now.
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