Reader UI of the Week: Slazareth the Moonkin

Krystalle Voecks
K. Voecks|01.08.08

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After an extended absence, we're back with Reader UI of the Week! Did you miss us? If so, take a moment and drop us a mail with your UIs! Since most of the ones we've got in the mailbox are pre-2.3, we're looking for lots and lots of new (or updated) screenshots of amazing UIs to feature. Without your screens and info we can't come back strong. (Besides, you know you wanna join the fun!)

This week we're bringing you a Druid UI that (unlike the Druid MovieWatch yesterday) features a lot more than just an action bar full of Moonfire. For those interested in this week's Boomkin UI, check out all the information after the jump from Slazareth!

Hi, my name is Slazareth and I'm a Moonkin in the guild Group Two on Mannoroth. I'm an add-on whore and have tried tons of add-ons out there. Here's a list and two screen shots marked so you can know which add-on is which.

SHOT 1 (shown at the top of the column)
  • AG_unitframes: My personal choice for unitframes. I think they look clean and are easy to read. I also really like putting my health and my targets health down where my character is as that's where I'm normally looking.
  • Druid bar: This is a permanent mana bar for druids. It's really only for when I'm in cat form or bear form. Great for PvPing feral druids.
  • Decursive: This add-on is awesome. The squares represent people in the raid. if someone is cursed or poisoned, their square lights up. All I have to do is click the square and tada -- you're cured!
  • Recount: The best damage meter I've seen so far. Everyone should get this so you don't have to ask for a meter after a fight. It can also let you know how your DPS is sitting compared to everyone else during a fight. You can also pull up deaths and healing and other things. Pretty cool.
  • Bartender: I tried Bongos and then went to Bartender... Now that I've got Bartender setup the way I like it, I'll probably just stick with it. It gets rid of the Blizz bars and gives me nice clean buttons. Works really well for maximizing space.
  • Omen: You'd better all have this. it shows how much threat you have. If your name is at the top or near the top, you may pull the hate.
  • Simple Combat Log: This add-on replaces your hard to read combat log with an easy to read one. That's pretty much about it.

  • Trinket Menu: I freaking love this add-on. It puts the box on your screen with your two trinkets. When you mouse over the box, the menu will pop out showing all trinkets in your bags. To swap a trinket, left click puts it in trinket slot one, right click puts it in slot two. Also if you hold shift when clicking, it will swap your trinkets. So if you have a trinket with a 5 min cool down, you may as well have another trinket in its place until the cool-down is over. You can also setup auto-queue of trinkets. Oh, and it also gives you easy key-binds for your trinkets. I set mine to Q and G.
  • Baud bag: I've tried pretty much all the bag add-ons and Baud Bag is by far my favorite. I keep my first bag by itself and then my other bags all grouped. I can change the number of columns in a bag, the look of the bag, am able to move them around the screen, etc. Also this allows you to view your bank while not at the bank. That way you can find out if you had 2 primals or 5 in the bank for that new enchant without having to actually go to the bank.

  • AtlasLoot: Lets me browse loot of bosses, factions, etc. in a catalog of sorts.
  • Big Wigs: GET THIS! It tells you so much useful info when in a boss fight. For instance, on Gruul it has a box that tells you who you are too close to for Shatter.
  • GrindFu: Keeps track of how many mobs I've killed and can be reset. Just a nice way to see how many mobs I've killed while grinding/farming.
  • WhoDrop: Adds a stat when you mouse over an item, telling you where the item drops. Works for lots of items, but not all.
  • eepanels: This is used solely for that black box that is behind everything at the bottom. This add-on lets you add boxes to your screen that can be any color/opacity, or even an image background if you'd like.
  • HonorFu (just a yellow icon on the bottom): This tells me when BG holiday dates are, how many wins/losses I have in what BGs, and how much honor I've accumulated.
  • ArenaFu : A little redundant with HonorFu, but it shows me how many arena points I would get if I played 10 games at the current rating. Then it will tell me if I've played enough games to get points this week.
  • OutfitterUpdated: This addon is fantastic. I just keep my gear in my bags and then when I want to switch out my gear I just mouse over where it says Boomkin and then I can switch to any other preset group of gear. So I have Boomkin, Boomkin PVP, Heals, Kitty, Burr, etc. It can also be set to equip your riding crop or carrot when you mount.
  • DrDamage: This add-on is what puts the numbers on top of my spells in my action bars. The number shown is the average damage of that spell. When I mouse over a spell it gives more in-depth stats like how much it would hit for; lowest, highest, crit. It also shows how much damage I will do with that spell before I go OOM, how long until OOM, etc. It's pretty awesome.

  • Improved Camera: This allows you to zoom out further than normal. Since I have a lot of UI stuff taking up a big portion of the bottom of the screen I moved the improvedcamera slider up one and now zoom out to full allows me to see what I need.
  • ScrollingCombatText (SCT): This add-on replaces the default way Blizz shows damage. I think its much cleaner and nicer. I have mine set to flow damage off sliding to the left and heals sliding to the right. Works great.
  • Loot Link: This add-on keeps track of every item you've seen in trade, on people, drops, etc. So if you saw an item on someone, just open loot link and search for it.
  • Link Wrangler: This add-on allows you to have multiple item info windows open. For instance, if you click an item in trade a window pops up showing that items stats. Well now you can have multiple stat windows open.
  • Rating Buster: This add-on will translate stats for you. So when you look at a tooltip and an item has +40 intel, in parentheses it will say how much +crit, +dmg, +mana, etc that translates to. Makes it easier to compare two items.
  • Examiner: This is a cool add-on that replaces your normal "inspect" window. So now when I inspect someone and they go out of range, all their gear stays on the screen. It also caches their gear so I can go back and look at them anytime. Additionally, it gives a simple breakdown of their +dmg, +heals, etc based on their gear (I don't think it does talents).
  • Chronometer: I have this setup next to my target's UI frame. just on the right. This puts up a bar for every DOT, HOT, or time based spell that I do. So when I put a Cyclone up on someone it counts down for me. So I can watch the timer bar and see when the text says 3.5 secs to start casting my Starfire. My SF should hit right as Cyclone breaks. (Just an example.)
  • E Casting Bars: These are big casting bars that show up when casting is going on. I have one setup for me and one for my target. Mine goes dead center down between my frame and the targets frame. The targets casting bar goes just above my head. This allows me to see when someone is casting something and how long before it hits me.
I'm sure there are some add-ons I forgot as I have so many and love them all.

For having that many add-ons, that's a pretty good use of screen space, especially when you consider the larger monitors many people have now. (Is anyone still on a 15" CRT anymore? If so, send us your screen.) But no matter the size of your screen or UI, don't forget to send them in!
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