Impressions of ... that other arcade stick

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JC Fletcher
January 10th, 2008
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Impressions of ... that other arcade stick

The Shaft, the Wii Classic Controller joystick that isn't the Hori Fighting Stick, was on display at this year's CES, and Gizmodo couldn't help but check it out, mostly because it has a funny name that can be giggled about. It's the "Wii" technique of attracting mainstream attention.

Surprisingly, for something that looks like the misshapen hybrid of a Classic Controller and a cheapo arcade stick (well ...), Gizmodo thought the thing felt nice. Apparently the different colors also have different finishes: the black controller is rubberized, while the white one is smooth plastic. We don't know if they actually tried the controller out with any games. Talking about the thing was probably fun enough.
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