Transystem's i-Tracker keeps tabs on whatever you'd like

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.12.08

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Transystem's i-Tracker keeps tabs on whatever you'd like
Ah, the wonderful world of personal GPS trackers. Upon gazing at the i-Tracker, visions of Cheaters arise in our minds, but we'll try to keep the nostalgia at a minimum here. Transystem's latest -- which was proudly displayed at CES -- reportedly houses both a GPS and GSM module which enables it to transmit tracking information to one's PC or mobile in real-time. As expected, it can be controlled with a predetermined handset or internet-connected PC, and there's even an SOS button that instantly beams out one's current location. Mum's the word on pricing / availability, but make sure you clear that history after scouring the net in search of one.
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