Cisco reveals 8500HDC DVR set-top-box series

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.14.08

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Cisco reveals 8500HDC DVR set-top-box series

We knew full well that Cisco would be axing the Scientific Atlanta brand, so it shouldn't come as any surprise to you to see a new series of STBs emerge at CES with a shiny Cisco logo gracing the front. The 8500HDC DVR series will include the 8550HDC (analog and digital tuning support), the 8540HDC (digital-only tuning support) and the 8552HDC (optional MoCA support, enabling Ethernet-over-coax). Furthermore, the trio promises to deliver "internet and premium content services," instant messaging support and a "richer media experience" to boot. As it stands, we aren't sure when the general public will be able to get their hands on any of the new boxes, but Cisco does claim that they're now "commercially available for its service provider customers." For more nitty-gritty on the new lot, click on through to the read link.

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