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Poll: Did HTC mishandle the video driver controversy?

Poll: Did HTC mishandle the video driver controversy? image
Poll: Did HTC mishandle the video driver controversy? image
Evan Blass
Evan Blass|January 23, 2008 9:45 AM
In case you haven't been following all the drama over at Engadget Mobile, Taiwanese smartphone kingpin HTC is seeing a rather unexpected customer backlash over sub-par video playback in recent devices employing Qualcomm's MSM7xxx chipsets -- apparently, handsets like the popular TyTN II and Touch Cruise were purposely shipped without drivers that would take advantage of the embedded ATI Imageon acceleration hardware. And now, instead of issuing a mea culpa or at least providing the drivers for a small fee, HTC has basically suggested in a recent statement that consumers will need to upgrade to future products if they want "high-resolution video support." Obviously customers are outraged, with the statement only fueling further talk of a class action lawsuit.

We think it's time for the Engadget community at large to weigh in on this snowballing controversy: what (if anything) should HTC have done differently in order to maintain the proactive, customer-friendly image that it has up to this point been known for?

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