Star Wars unleashes Wii-specific features?

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Star Wars unleashes Wii-specific features?

Upon its inception, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has been a title mostly about displaying the destructive power of the force and explaining the origins of Darth Vader's apprentice. Oh, and there has been the dream of every fanboy to wield the Wiimote as a lightsaber.

Now, it turns out there is more incentive for Wiimote-swinging wannabes as it's been revealed by Krome Studios' Ed Tucker that the title will have five exclusive levels on the Wii. "On the Wii we have places where the story veers off and we go and explore something, take the game in a different direction, like the Jedi Temple level," he explains.

Wii owners looking to lose control with the Force can look forward to that come this August when the title releases.

[Via Joystiq]
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