First Guitar Hero 4 song revealed

Kyle Orland
K. Orland|02.06.08

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It's amazing where you find video game news these days. Case in point, Eurogamer has picked up on a press release from British rock band The Answer, touting the inclusion of their single "Never Too Late" (video above) in the next Guitar Hero game (which, incidentally and unsurprisingly, is coming out by the end of 2008).

The band was one of 20 picked by Activision at a Guitar Hero listening session put on by Activision at France's MIDEM conference, where over 200 artists vied for a coveted spot in the new game. Answer fan debbywebby has also posted a list of 30 other tracks that are "unconfirmed as of yet" for the game. There's no indication where she got her information, but when has that mattered? Let the rampant speculation begin!
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