GDC08: Steinburg explains Sony's stance for 2008

It seems we haven't heard much from Scott Steinburg, SCEA's VP of marketing, for awhile, but did he ever come back with some heavy-handed quotes in an interview with Steinburg touched on a myriad of issues throughout the interview including Home, Blu-ray's win over HD DVD and Sony's counter to Gears of War 2.

Steinburg reaffirmed Sony's attractiveness for small developers to bring their games to the PlayStation Network over Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade. "We don't charge for our online service. We make it available for everybody," he said. "So, the accessibility of somebody's content who decides to make a game that is maybe smaller, more affordable for consumers to buy ... I think if a small, start-up company wanted to have global access to their content, and have global commercial potential for their content, Sony is by far the best platform."

When asked how Sony will counter Gears of War 2's release in November, Steinburg chose to first explain this year's healthy lineup of games throughout the entire year before finally arriving at what it has in store for the end of the year. "I think one of the biggest games for us will be Resistance 2. We expect that, in November, to go toe-to-toe against Gears of War 2. It will be our third-generation PS3 product," he explained. Steinburg did a great job providing Sony's stance and position in the industry without spewing ridiculous assumptions that have been a stable of Sony execs in the past. We just now hope that Sony can follow through on all the great things he said.