Palm emulation for iPhone/iPod touch demonstrated

Mat Lu
M. Lu|02.23.08

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Mat Lu
February 23rd, 2008

StyleTap produces software for Windows Mobile devices that allows them to run Palm OS applications. Now they've apparently produced an experimental build of the CrossPlatform Palm emulator for the iPhone / iPod touch, as you can see above. StyleTap makes clear that this is "NOT a product, nor is its presence here a commitment of any kind, express or implied, that StyleTap Inc. will ever release an official version of StyleTap CrossPlatform for Apple iPhone or iPod touch." In other words -- don't ask for a copy, no it's not in beta, and you can't have it. Nonetheless, this proof of concept is quite intriguing. So the question is: would you like to be able to run Palm apps on your iPhone or iPod touch?

[via Digg]
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