Retailers aren't wasting anytime dropping HD DVD

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|02.23.08

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Retailers aren't wasting anytime dropping HD DVD
Best Buy
Analyst have suspected that much of this has been in the works since Warner went Blu and VB has given a number of retailers a call and discovered that this is just the case. It seems most retailers have been preparing for the end of the format war since Warner's announcement just before CES, but now that things are officially over, retailers aren't wasting any time. Some of the big boys in retail like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Netflix, were quick to make their intentions known before Toshiba gave the word, but the rest are falling in line quickly and we're not just talking about Amazon and DVD Empire, but smaller retailers around the country like Texas electronics store Bjorn's which is getting more creative and allowing its customers to return HD DVD players for store credit towards a Blu-ray player. Some retailers immediately returned its stock for credit while others have marked it as clearance and are quick to communicate to its customers that HD DVD is to be discontinued. Whatever the plans, one thing is for sure, most retailers knew this was coming long before some HD DVD fans did.

[Via Format War Central]
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