Ask Engadget HD: Does Blu-ray show enough love to 720p HDTV owners?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.27.08

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Ask Engadget HD: Does Blu-ray show enough love to 720p HDTV owners?

While we've had a good bit of conversation the past few weeks surrounding the right time to pick up a Blu-ray player, today's Ask Engadget HD inquiry puts a welcome spin on the discussion that we feel affects quite a few movie aficionados out there. Jonathan writes in wondering if his 720p HDTV is man (or woman) enough to enjoy the luxuries of BD, or if upscaled DVD is a-okay for the time being.

"Now that Blu-ray vanquished HD DVD, is there a compelling reason for 720p HDTV owners to upgrade from upconverting DVD players? Is there a noticeable improvement in picture quality for those of us who can't see the 1080p/24fps glory to warrant dropping 400 bucks on a player? Is the Blu-ray spec finalized enough that we can purchase a player without worrying about future compatibility issues or missing features?"

Yeah, this one's chock full of intricacies and complexities, but that doesn't mar its validity one bit. What says you, dear reader? Is making the leap to Blu-ray a sensible decision for 720p HDTV owners, or is the difference really only enjoyed at 1080p?

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