MediaGate announces MG-450HD entertainment server

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.27.08

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MediaGate announces MG-450HD entertainment server
When CES 2007 came around, a good portion of the US stopped and thanked their lucky stars as MediaGate's fairly well-spec'd lineup finally came stateside. Now, the same firm is introducing the MG-350HD's (pictured) successor, the MG-450HD. Said entertainment server enables owners to wirelessly stream HD video, music, and other media to an HDTV or stereo from their PC, and it also fetches content from networked hard drives and locally attached USB drives. Unfortunately, this one caps out at 802.11g, but it does include HDMI, optical / coaxial digital audio outs and Ethernet to boot. At $249, it's still a bit more expensive than Popcorn Hour's highly praised A-100, but loyalists probably won't mind.
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