Inventor's patent application reveals "shape-shifting" dishwasher

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Inventor's patent application reveals "shape-shifting" dishwasher
It's not all that often we see advances in dishwasher technology, but inventor Paul Frigout of Coventry University looks to have been hard at work at just that, and a recent patent application has now revealed what he's been up to. There's no robots or waterless technology involved here, however, but simply a movable partition that lets you change the size of the washing compartment to accommodate various size loads. That'll apparently not only let you cut down on the amount of water used, but give you room to store clean dishes in the other compartment, or put 'em through an alternate washing cycle. Needless to say, there's no indication as to when we might actually see such a dishwasher, but it sure is a lot less far fetched than most of the patent applications we see.

[Via New Scientist Tech]
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