Garmin launches nuvi 2x5 series, complete with MSN Direct

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.04.08

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Darren Murph
March 4th, 2008
Garmin launches nuvi 2x5 series, complete with MSN Direct

If you thought Garmin had exhausted all possible options at CES, you thought wrong. Here at CeBIT, the outfit has rolled out four new navigators for your routing pleasure, starting with the nüvi 205 (3.5-inch) and 205W (4.3-inch). These siblings both feature a 333MHz processor, Garmin's own HotFix technology to get your position on the double, the famed "Where Am I?" feature and the ability to snatch traffic information via MSN Direct when used with an optional receiver. Additionally, these two are set to include map choices such as the contiguous United States, Canada or regional sections of Europe. As for the higher-end 255 and 255W (pictured), they'll be all too similar save for the maps, which promise "comprehensive coverage of North America, Europe, Australia or New Zealand." For pricing and availability information, click on after the jump.

[Via GPSReview]

Pricing / Availability:

Garmin nüvi 205: $213.32 / Q2 2008
Garmin nüvi 205W: $266.66 / Q2 2008
Garmin nüvi 255: $319.99 / Q2 2008
Garmin nüvi 255W: $373.32 / Q2 2008
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