Quay 1.1b3 offers nice changes

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Dave Caolo
March 4th, 2008
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Quay 1.1b3 offers nice changes
We first wrote about Quay in November. It extends the Leopard dock in a number of very useful ways. For instance, it will pop up on both sides of the dock (Apple only permits this on the right), and even displays software version numbers plus memory and CPU stats on running applications. It's super handy.

Changes to version 1.1b3 include
  • Option-command-clicking on a running app displays application stats
  • Shift-command-click opens the contents in the Finder
  • It works properly with FileVault
  • The help menu can be printed
Quay requires Mac OS 10.5 (10.5.2 is recommended) and costs €7 (around $10US - give or take). Note that only two Quay items will work on an unregistered copy.

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